Recipe: Campfire Scrambled Eggs

Clarified Butter

I know what you’re thinking, ‘everyone makes scrambled eggs; this isn’t special.’ But hear me out. Most scrambled eggs that people make are lifeless, bland mounds of disappointment and regret. Especially the eggs that are made when camping. But when you master this recipe sublime, cloud-like eggs will be your reward.

Usually we would be using simple non-salted stick butter, but not everyone will have a cooler or a refrigerator that can fit ‘extras’ like butter. Clarified butter will do what we need, but if you can bring stick butter, use that instead. As you can see, I only listed 3 ingredients without any amounts. That’s because it depends on how much you are making. The ratio is this : for each egg add 1 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon of butter (clarified or not).

Add your ingredients to a sauce pan. Yes, a sauce pan. A pot. Not a frying pan like you’re probably used to. I like to leave the egg yolks unbroken at first. If one breaks while cracking, that’s fine. Start off away from the fire and just stir, getting the egg whites and water to mix. Then put the pot over the fire. Once the eggs start to get warm you can break the yolks and get the eggs all mixed together. At this point the butter should start to melt, too. Once the butter is melting take the pan off the heat and keep stirring. You want to keep taking the eggs off the heat and then back on. We’re looking for a slow warm that barely cooks the eggs and allows the butter to melt, but nothing more. It’s usually going to be a routine of 30 seconds over the fire, 15 seconds off. Once the butter is completely melted and mixed together you can leave the eggs on the fire a little bit longer. Keep stirring until your eggs just come together. Your eggs will not seem done, and they aren’t. But take it off the heat anyway. The residual heat in the pan will take your eggs to perfection. Oh, by the way, you can cook yours eggs at home like this, too.

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