Golf Cart Safety for Campgrounds

Having golf carts available at your campground provides an easy and convenient way for guests and residents to get around. If you choose to provide or rent out golf carts, it’s important that you have an established set of safety rules in place. A good set of rules, when enforced, can help prevent property damage, personal injury, and death. Knowing who’s operating them, how they’re operating them, and where they’re taking them is important in mitigating claims.

When Using a Golf Cart:

  • All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  • All drivers must understand how to operate a golf cart. They should know how to start, stop, shift, and reverse before use.
  • Drivers must follow all standard traffic laws, especially posted speed limits. Speed limits should be posted throughout the park.
  • All cart occupants should remain seated with all body parts inside the cart while in motion. The number of occupants should never exceed the number of available seats.
  • If seat belts are present, all occupants must be restrained.
  • Drivers must give pedestrian traffic the right of way.
  • Operating a golf cart on designated walking paths should be avoided when possible.
  • If a cart is going to be left unattended, the driver must set the parking brake and remove the cart keys beforehand.
  • No one should ever drive while intoxicated or under the influence of any drug.
  • Drivers should always use hand signals when turning if the cart isn’t equipped with lighted turn signals. They should also be sure to check blind spots before turning.
  • Drivers should avoid sharp turns at high speeds.
  • All drivers should be aware of and never drive in severe weather conditions. Always have drivers cease operating carts if a storm is present and seek the nearest shelter.

When Renting a Golf Cart:

  • Verify the driver has a valid driver’s license and is eligible to operate the cart.
  • Review and obtain a signature on user/driver agreement, including a liability waiver.
  • Have the driver(s) participate in comprehensive driver orientation that includes the aforementioned items. Be sure to document participation.
  • Complete and document cart safety inspection before each cart rental. These inspections should, at the very least, include tires, steering, forward and reverse gears, and brakes.

Enforcement of Safety Rules

Operating a golf cart incorrectly can cause property damage, injury, and/or death. Incidents such as rolling carts, passengers falling out, and pedestrians being struck are common causes for injury. While drivers usually have good intentions, accidents and negligence do happen.

Campground staff should be familiar and trained in enforcing the rules. They should always be on the lookout for reckless or improper use of the golf carts. Incidents should always be reported and documented immediately. If possible, use surveillance cameras or telematics to supplement supervision.

Enforcing a predetermined set of safety rules can help provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests.

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